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Chef Ameerah Watson, also known as the Creole Peach, is the founder of Intimate Chef of Atlanta. With more than 10 years of successful professional experience in various aspects of the culinary industry, she is quickly growing in popularity.

As a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, she has worked for multiple fine dining establishments like the JW Marriott of Buckhead and the Ritz Carlton, as well as appearing on the nationally televised Food Network. Chef Ameerah has also been an invited guest chef to many local events and expos such as the East Metro Farmers Market and the Atlanta Chef Expo.

The Creole Peach specializes in healthy cooking. Paired with her Culinary Arts degree, she completed her Naturopathic Medicine certification in 2008 through the Phoenix Rising Institute to support her focus on the true root of food and what it can do for the human body. These two backgrounds, along with her upbringing, have resulted in Chef Ameerah being well versed in meeting every dietary need with flavor and color.

Her services span a healthy approach to foods from diets of raw vegan cuisine to a body building protein rich regiment, and everything in between. ICA partners with many organizations focusing on ‘farm to table’ education, bridging farming and REAL food together through easy preparation classes for the community.

Chef Ameerah was born in New Orleans where she received the foundation of her flavoring style. Later in life her mother, who was raised vegetarian, moved the family to Atlanta where Ameerah was primarily raised but still spent her summers in New Orleans. Each of these two southern cities are well known for their unique styles of cooking and flavors. Growing up in and cooking with a fusion of these cultures, with a focus on healthy foods, is how Chef Ameerah came to be the Creole Peach!

Her business, Intimate Chef of Atlanta (ICA), got it’s name from the personal touch that Creole Peach gives to all of her dishes, with special care to smell, color, presentation, texture and tasted; and with special consideration of the relationship between healthy food and the human body. ICA is committed to inspiring health, leading the charge of a healthy food revolution in the community utilizing non-GMO and locally grown seasonal produce as available.


Chef demo at Brown Elementary


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